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Tribal Justice introduces audiences to two strong judges who are forging innovative justice systems in their tribal courts. By following compelling and dramatic cases in and out of their courts, the film shows how their methods work, and is inspiring new ideas in broad ranging events and conversations across the country.

Director Anne Makepeace with tribal judges Claudette White and Abby Abinanti.  Photo by Richard Carter
Director Anne Makepeace with tribal judges Claudette White and Abby Abinanti. Photo by Richard Carter

Law schools, restorative justice programs, recovery meetings, and conferences on everything from juvenile justice to child welfare to Indian law are beginning to screen Tribal Justice at venues across the country. We look forward to using this story to help facilitate conversations and change nationally and globally. If you would like to request a screening or discuss partnership opportunities with our team, please click on the icon below:

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Outreach Screenings Scheduled To Date

Below is a list of organizations that have already screened or are committed to screening Tribal Justice, followed by a few testimonials about these events.


The National Native American Student Association annual conference at UCLA (March 2017)
The National Consortium on Racial and Ethnic Fairness in the Courts (May 2017)
The National Indian Education Association (October 2017)
Tribal Healing to Wellness Court Enhancement Training (Albuquerque September 2017), sponsored by The Tribal Law and Policy Institute

Law Schools
More To Come!

Harvard Law School, sponsored by the Harvard University Native American Program and The Native American Student Association (April 2017)
Stanford Law School, sponsored by the law school and the Native American Cultural Program (May 2017)
Suffolk Law School, sponsored by the law school and the Native American Student Association (November 2017)


The film is a wonderful way to educate people about tribal sovereignty and the ways we use it to resolve disputes in our tribal communities.
—John Echohawk, Executive Director, Native American Rights Fund

The screening was powerful. At times, it hit so close to home. I loved that they dared to tell a multifaceted tale that wasn't win-all or lose-all — it was the truth. Happy. Sad. Honest. That's Indian Country. That's the story we need told.
—Law student at UCLA conference, March 2017

Phenomenal, emotional, captures tribal courts and two wonderful spirits.
—Richard Blake, Chief Judge of the Hoopa Tribe

A story of two tribes managing reservation justice. Gritty, realistic, hopeful, and culturally grounded.
Duane Champagne, Professor of Sociology and American Indian Studies at UCLA, and Professor of —Law at UCLA School of Law

Thank you for all you do, and for how your films make it possible for those of us who teach about Indigenous peoples and Indigenous rights to do it in a meaningful, transformational way.
—Amy E. Den Ouden, PhD, Professor at UMass Boston

Powerful narrative. Important topics covered. I appreciated the balance of unflinching exposition of the complex web that is addiction, cycles of abuse and historical trauma—without generalizing/stereotyping that all Native [Americans] are struggling in addiction. Hope this continues to be shown widely.
—Emily Van Dyke at Harvard Law School screening

Tribal Justice Outreach

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